The Hip Society's Research Committee has opened the new research grant cycle for members of The Hip Society.  To learn more, go HERE.  Your member log-in is required.

The Hip Society Proudly Supports the Following Research Initiatives:

A Multi-Organizational Research Project

Oral vs Intravenous Antibiotics for Treatment of a 2-Stage Exchange Periprosthetic Infection

Javad Parvizi, MD (Philadelphia, PA)

This project is supported by The Hip Society, The Knee Society, AAHKS, MSIS, with matching funds from AAOS BOS Research Support Fund. 

The 2022 Hip Society Research Grant

A Biomechanical Analysis of Dual Mobility Intraprosthetic Dissociation

Intraprosthetic dissociation of a dual mobility is a devastating complication. Little is known about the forces required to dissociate the inner head from the outer polyethylene head. This biomechanical study will evaluate the disassembly forces required to dissociate 5 commonly used dual mobility components. 

Rafael J. Sierra, MD (Rochester, MN)

The 2021 Hip Society Research Grant

The Impact of HLA Genotype on Bacterial Infection Rates and Successful Eradication in Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Don S. Garbuz, MD (Vancouver, BC, Canada)